Evolution is a fairytale promulgated by academics who are ill-informed in the areas of anatomy, anthropology, archeology, astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, creation foundation, ecology, the fossil records, genetics, geology, language, mathematics, microbiology, nature, physics, and science, the Bible's accuracy, the Bible's uniquenss, foundations, the worldwide flood, great scientists, and prophesy, and who are not willing to apply common sense. 
      A Closer Look at the Evidence
, a book by  Richard L Kleiss and Tina Kleiss, sets forth 366 individual cases (one each day for a year) that provide documented evidence to be considered.  The entire book (all 365 cases) are catagorized below.

     Since science has been re-defined to exlude even the possibility of a Creator, the deck has been stacked!   Anyone can get the answer they want if they word the question in such a way as to eliminate undesired answers.  This is what achedemia has done to promote the fairytale of evolution.  Why?  I leave that answer to you!

     Examine the evidence yourself.  Just click on any one of the buttons below, and a whole new world will open.

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