Evolutionists believe that  dinosaurs died out some 65 million  years before man come into existence.  Yet the fossil record provides much evidence to support the biblical claim that dinosaurs lived at the same time as mankind.  throughout history there have been records of man's encounters with dinosaur-like creatures.  From Africa to Europe to the Orient these encounters have been captured in historical accounts, stories, legends, and drawings.

Dinosaur remains have also been found that are still not completely fossilized.  Large dinosaur bones have been found in Colorado with traces of unfossilized blood.  If dinosaur bones were 65 million years old, they would be completely fossilized.  these unfossilized bones, with traces of blood and DNA fragments, indicate that dinosaurs died much more recently than the commonly repeated 65 million years ago. 

By looking objectively at the biblical account, the fossil, record, and historical dates, one cannot help but reach the conclusion that man and dinosaurs have indeed coexisted.  Ii is only by ignoring much of the evidence and uncritically accepting evolutionary beliefs that the opposite conclusion can be reached.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible, p. 36-44

Creation ex Nihilo, September 1997, p. 42-43 

December 10

November 25

Charles Darwin knew that the fossil record did not support his theory of evolution.  In his book Origin of the Species Darwin noted that there was an obvious and serious problem with the lack of transitional fossils.  He recognized that fossils of animals and plants are fully developed in fossil-bearing rocks.  However, both he and early evolutionists expressed optimism that the fossil links between very different   types of animals would be found.  Yet over 160 years later, after extensive searching, not one undisputable transition between any major animal for has ever been found.

Darwin also admitted he could not explain the serious problem of how highly evolved animals could be found in the lowest rock layers.  Evolutionists assume that the lowest layers are many millions of years older than higher layers.  Therefore, they should contain very simple forms of life.  There are many exceptions to this expectation.  For example, very highly developed animals, such as trilobites, are found fully formed in these layers.

In light of what is now known about flood geology, it is reasonable to believe the majority of the fossil record was created by the catastrophic action of the shifting and changing Earth during the great Flood of Noah's time.  The lowest rock layers are not millions of years older, they are just the first ones laid down during this Flood.  Evolution in the Light of Scripture, Science, and Sense, p. 68-69

The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seed after God: God is not in all his thoughts.  -Psalm 10:4 KJV

December 18

Fossil Records

Within hours of dying, the two halves of a clam's shell begin to open and separate.  Clams found with their shells tightly shut can only indicate they had been buried alive.  There are huge clam fossil graveyards all over the world containing millions of fossilized clam shells which are packed tightly together with their shells clamped shut.  Yet there is no example anywhere in the world today of millions of clams being buried in this condition.

One of the best examples of a clam fossil graveyard can be found near Halkirk, Alberta, Canada.  Many of these clams are encased in a closed condition (indicating rapid burial) in sheets of ironstone.  In other locations, millions of marine-dwelling creatures are preserved in hot molten rock which poured out onto the ocean floor.

The biblical account of Noah's Flood explains why this type of formation has occurred in so many locations around the world.  When the "fountains of the deep" broke up, volcanic eruptions occurred all over the surface of the earth, both on land masses and in ocean beds.  In other places massive movements of sediment simply buried the clams.  These fossils strongly support the biblical account of a worldwide flood.

The Evidence for Creation, p. 167-138

...on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.  and rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights. - Genesis 7:11-12

January 8

Fossil Records

We are repeatedly told that dinosaurs died out around 60 million years ago.  Yet there have been many reports of dinosaur bones which have been dated quite young.  Carbon-14 (C14) analysis of dinosaur bones reveals that they can contain measurable amounts of C14.  This is impossible if the bones are over 60 million years old but makes perfect sense from a biblical perspective.  The C14 concentration for organisms alive before Noah's flood would have been greatly reduced compared to modern levels, but C 14 should still be present in small amounts.

This is exactly what we find and does not indicate a great age but a recent burial by a worldwide flood.  According to the March 1992 ABR Newsletter, Hugh Miller of Columbus, Ohio had four dinosaur bone samples carbon dated at a university laboratory.  Each of the bones were "dated" at an age of under 20,000 years.  These bones were not identified as dinosaur bones because the labs would not agree to test bones which their evolutionary presumptions tell them could not contain any C14.  Yet the same level of C14  found in the bones of a more "recent" creature would be assumed to be correct.

In an even more amazing discovery, both DNA fragments and unfossilized red blood cells have been found within dinosaur bones.  Neither of these fragile organic molecules could exist after millions of years.  Yet it is quite reasonable to expect to find such fragments to remain if they were buried during Noah's Flood-less than 5,000 years ago.

Noah to Abraham:The Turbulent Years,  p. 36

Recent dates on dinosaur bones should be no surprise to Christians.  In Genesis 1:20 God says he created "great whales" (KJV).  Elsewhere this Hebrew word tannin, is translated "dragon."  Job chapters 40 and 41 describe  powerful creatures which could only be dinosaurs.

January 8

Fossil Records

For over 200 years paleontologists and geologists have been digging in the hills, valleys, and plains of the earth.  During this time, they have uncovered and cataloged over a billion fossils.  Thousands of fascinating plant and animal fossils from extinct organisms have been found.  Fossils, like living organisms, are found fully formed and distinctly different in structure,  Evolutionists claim to have found animal bones having features intermediate between similar creatures, proving that evolution has occurred (e.g., small horses to big horses).  Yet there are no examples in the fossil record of one animal slowly changing into a different kind of animal.

Diagrams have been made which show variations within the same type of animal in an effort to organize them into a supposed evolutionary order.  Textbooks promote this type of evidence because no transitional evidence showing one animal slowly changing into another has been found.

It is astounding that over a billion fossils have been found, yet there is no undisputed transitional form between very different types of animals or even animal features (such as a reptile's scale turning into a birder's feather).  How can we say that evolution - the idea that man is the result of slow changes over time from earlier creatures - is a reasonable theory in light of this lack of evidence?

Letting God Create Your Day,  Vol. 3, p.213

All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.  -1 Corinthians 15:39 KJV

January 8

February 9

One of the premier fossil evidences for evolution found in every textbook on the subject is the fossil remains of a bird known as Archaeopteryx (meaning ancient wing).  Creationists claim that gaps exist in the fossil record because all major animal groups were created as distinct kinds.

Textbooks present Archaeopteryx as a prime example of a fossil that fills the gap between reptiles and birds.  Yet a closer look at the evidence reveals that this icon of evolution does not fill the huge gap between birds or any other creature.

Almost all paleontologists now agree that Archaeopteryx could not be the link between birds and reptiles.  It is acknowledged that this fossil was a creature with fully formed and functional feathers, wings similar to modern birds, and a wishbone needed for flight muscle attachment.  In other words, Archaeopteryx is simply an extinct species of bird.

The fact that the Archaeopteryx fossils have minor variations from modern birds-such as teeth and claws on the wings-is irreverent because other modern birds (hoatzin, ostrich) have some of these same features.  So why is this bird fossil still presented in textbooks as evidence that reptiles have turned into birds?  Could it be because intensive searching has turned up nothing better?

After almost two centuries of scientific investigation, creation is still the best explanation for the widely diverse types of living and fossil animals found on the earth.

Refuting Evolution,  p. 57-58
Icons of Evolution, p. 111-136

A discerning man keeps wisdom in view, but a fool's eyes wander to the ends of the earth. - Proverbs 7:24

February 13

The very nature of the fossil record testifies to a worldwide water catastrophe in the past.  In Germany there are lignite beds (a form of brown coal) which contain large numbers of fossil plants, animals, and insects from various regions and climates of the world.  The detailed structures of these animals have been remarkably preserved and are striking proof of sudden burial.  Huge diatomite deposits near Lompoc, California, contain millions of beautifully preserved fish, usually in positions indicating sudden death.  Masses of fossilized fish have been found washed together and suddenly buried in Scotland, while 70 tons of dinosaur fossils were found at 13,000 foot elevation in China.  How did they get buried so high?

These evidences are exactly what one would expect to find after a worldwide flood like the one recorded in the Bible.  They are not a result of natural death over millions of years.  There is not a single example of a massive fossil graveyard with large varieties of animals currently forming anywhere in the world.  The rapid burial of life by the worldwide Flood of the Bible is the best explanation for the geologic and fossil observations we see in the world around us.

The Creation,  p. 89

The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet....Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died.
-Genesis 7:20, 22

Fossil Records

Fossil Records

Fossil Records

Fossil Records

Fossil Records

April 9

Fossil Records

The famous "horse sequence" found in most textbooks has long been claimed to demonstrate the evolution of small multi-toed ancestors to large one-toed horses of today. Although it is still being paraded as a fact in textbooks, the sequence has been largely discredited as proof of evolution. The first animals in the sequence more closely resemble small rodents than horses, and many of the later horses have been found in the same rock layers as their supposed ancestors.

It is quite easy to arrange similar fossils from smallest to largest and then claim that this proves evolution. In the same way one could place the bones of a Chihuahua, beagle, boxer, and Great Dane in sequence and claim that this proves that dogs have evolved. This is essentially what has been done with the horse evolution series. The various breeds of dogs exist not because they have evolved, but because the information needed to breed the different varieties was present from the beginning. The same is true of horses- no evolution has been observed, only variation within a kind.

Tornado in The Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism, p. 16-17

And God said, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind:" and it was so. - Genesis 1: 24 KJV

April 18

Fossil Records

Stories claiming that fossils of primitive apelike men have been found are extremely overstated. Consider the following sad and sordid history:

     1. It is now universally accepted that "Piltdown man" was a hoax. After appearing in textbooks for over 40 years, it was a scientist outside the field of paleontology who exposed the fraud in 1953.

     2. "Nebraska man" was based on a single tooth that turned out to be a pig's tooth.

     3. "Java man" was based on a skull fragment and leg bone found 39 feet apart.

     4. The evidence for "Ramapithecus" was a handful of teeth and jaw fragments that were pieced together incorrectly by Louis Leakey and others to resemble a human jaw. Ramapithicus was an ape.

     5. A growing consensus is coming to acknowledge that "Homo Habilis" is really bits and pieces of many different creatures and never really existed.

     6."Australopithecines" have an even more apelike appearance. Detailed computer analysis has shown that their body proportions are not intermediate between man and ape.

It would seem that the family tree of man is a very slippery tree- whenever a supposed ancestor to man is placed there, it ultimately drops out as a fraud, mistake, or misinterpretation.

In the Beginning, 7th ed., p. 11-12, 57-59

The Revised Answers Book, p. 127

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. -Genesis 1: 27

Fossil Records

April 24

Night-flying moths are designed with organs which enable them to hear the ultrasonic signals used by bats. Bats send out these signals to navigate and find food- including moths. Evolutionists believe that moths evolved the ability to hear ultrasonic bat sounds as a response to being eaten by the more recently evolved bats.

A number of years ago, a fossilized egg from a night-flying moth was discovered. Evolutionists said the egg was twice as old, according to their dating system, as any evidence of the first bat. The problem not usually disclosed is that the egg clearly belongs to a moth species that can hear bats. Evolutionary scientists were quite puzzled by this discovery, because evolution would have no reason to evolve this species of moth before bats existed. If all plant and animal life were created at essentially the same time, however, finds like this make perfect sense. Animals were either given or developed predatory abilities after the curse of creation. Both the bat and the moth were fully developed at this point.

The Bible says that God created all living things within days of each other. By studying nature, we can see how this statement proves itself true.

Letting God Create Your Day, Vol. 3, p. 95

Thus the heavens and earth were completed in all their vast array. By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested.... - Genesis 2: 1-2

May 8

Fossil Records

Evolutionists use the presence of certain extinct animal remains to date rock layers that contain that particular fossil. For example, a certain type of mollusk (called Pilina) was believed to be extinct for some 400 million years, leaving no more recent remains in the fossil record. However, in 1952 a virtually identical mollusk was found alive and well living at ocean depths of 12,000 feet. This shows that this "living fossil," as it is called, hasn't evolved over the supposed "400 million year" period, because the modern specimens look exactly like their "400 million year old"ancestors. How can an organism which is still alive be used to date rock layers? Evolutionists just throw out this index fossil, but continue to use others. The contradictions to evolution compound themselves endlessly"

The coelacanth is another example of a fossilized animal which supposedly became extinct, leaving no fossils, for the past "60 million years." Yet many living coelacanths identical to the fossilized remains which are supposedly "60 million years" old have been caught in the Indian Ocean since 1938.

Evolutionists have no adequate explanation for this. These types of "living fossils" were simply created similar to their present form and have never changed. The worldwide Flood is the event that created the majority of the fossil record, not billions of years of slow burial.

Myths and Miracles, p. 29

And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures...." So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds... -Genesis 1: 20,21

May 21

Fossil Records

The most commonly repeated theory for why dinosaurs went extinct is the idea that a large meteorite impacted the earth 65 million years ago. This supposedly resulted in massive extinctions and climatic changes, ending the age of the dinosaurs. However, problems with this theory are seldom addressed or shared. For instance:

There very well may have been multiple meteorite impacts during the worldwide Flood; but the Flood, not the meteorite, caused the demise of the dinosaurs.

1.  The extinction was not sudden (using evolutionary interpretations of the geologic record). The spread of these fossilized bones through the rock layers does make sense if much of the sedimentary rock formed in Noah's flood.

2.  Light-sensitive species did not go extinct. Why not, if the impact caused a worldwide cloud layer to form?

3.  Extinctions don't correlate to known crater dates.

4.  Huge modern volcanic eruptions do not cause massive extinctions, even if they are large enough to cause documented worldwide temperature changes.

5.  The iridium enrichment, supposedly a clear proof of the impact, is not nearly as conclusive as presented.

6.  Drill cores of the apparent crater in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico do not support that this is an impact crater.

Evolution Refuted 2, p. 146-147

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.   - Proverbs 25: 2

June 13

Fossil Records

One needs to be very careful about accepting the conclusions of paleontologists who claim to have found fossil links between man and apelike creatures. In the past, bones from pigs, monkeys, alligators, horses and even an elephant have been reconstructed into missing links between humans and some imaginary apelike creatures. In 1979 a piece of bone discovered in Northern Africa was said to be the clavicle of an apelike creature that was evolving into a man. Its discoverer said the bone indicated the creature had possibly walked upright, like modern humans. It was later shown that the fossil was the rib bone from a Pacific white-sided dolphin!

This repeated misinterpretation of fossils by paleontologists is a result of the assumption that evolution is a fact- therefore some apelike creature must have turned into a man. The possibility of creation is never considered. Therefore, almost any bone that is even slightly outside of the norm is assumed to be proof of this transformation. Since instant fame awaits the discovery of each subsequent find, the objectivity of the researcher is very suspect.

Jesus stated that man and woman were created as uniquely different "from the beginning." This couldn't be more clearly stated, and the fossil evidence supports this factual statement.

Letting God Create Your Day, Vol. 3, p. 103

And Jesus answered and said unto them, "... from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female." - Mark 10: 5, 6 KJV

July 5 

Fossil Records

There are only two possible explanations for life:

Paleontologists have found a greater variety of creatures in the fossil record than now exist, including soft-bodied creatures such as works and jellyfish.   However, even in the lowest rock layers, these worms and jellyfish are fully formed and easily categorized into the same kinds of animals alive today.

1. Evolution-which states that life has evolved from simple forms of plants and animals into the more complex forms we find today.

2.  Creation-which states that god created the entire universe and all of the creatures on Earth fully formed and completely functional.

If evolution is the correct explanation, then there should be thousands of intermediate forms as one type of creature slowly turned into another type. If creation is true, then the classifications of distinctly different types of animals, booth living and in the fossil record, should remain essentially the same.

The fossil evidence clearly supports creation. Truth, and science, progresses when all of the evidence is presented.

Letting god Create Your Day, Vol. 3, p. 247

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.... -2 Corinthians

July 10

Fossil Records

An ancient termite nest discovered in fossilized wood from the Big Bend National Park in Texas was buried in the same sedimentary rock layers found to contain dinosaur bones. Examination of the fossilized wood has provided the following information:

1.   Hexagonal grain-like particles have been found within the petrified wood. The distinctive hexagonal shapes are believed to be termite droppings, since termites are the only insects that make hexagonal droppings. The ancient droppings are identical to those made by modern termites.

2.  The wood had been tunneled in the same way that modern termites tunnel wood.

3.  The nest was placed in the center of the wood, exactly where modern termites build their nest.

4.  These ancient termites had also placed their droppings around the edge of the nest (just like modern termites) to plug any air leaks and prevent drafts.

This evidence indicates that termites, from the supposed "time of the dinosaurs" built homes and behaved exactly the same as termites do today. There is absolutely no evidence of any termite evolution. This agrees with the Bible's claim that creation was "completed" on the sixth day.

Letting God Create Your Day, Vol. 3, p. 260

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning - the sixth day. Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. -Genesis 1:31, 2:1

Fossil Records

August 8 

As soon as a plant or animal dies, its DNA begins to decompose. The oldest accurately known DNA samples are from a 4000 year old mummy. Based on the deterioration of the molecule from samples of this age, it is estimated that essentially no DNA could survive longer than 10,000 years.

However, DNA segments have been found in magnolia leaves (dated by evolutionists at 17 million years), dinosaur bones (dated at 80 million years), scales of a fossilized fish (dated at 200 million years), and amber encased insects and plants (dated at 25 to 120 million years). Evolutionary scientists should be asking how DNA could still be contained in samples this old when more recent samples indicate that the DNA molecule is far too sensitive to have lasted this long. Perhaps there is something wrong with the old- earth dating methods and these fossils still contain DNA fragments simply because they are not as old as believed. These samples have simply been dated wrong due to faulty assumptions of radiometric dating methods.

Evolutionists have a similar problem with protein preserved in dinosaur bones. As with DNA, no protein should last 75 to 150 million years; yet protein has been found in dinosaur bones. These plants and animal remains are simply not as old as evolutionists need to accept in order to continue to believe in the story of evolution.

In the Beginning, 7th ed., p. 29-30

... I am He; I am the first and I am the last. My own hand laid the foundations of the earth....-Isaiah 48:12, 13

August 18

Fossil Records

After Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859, many people began thinking that all forms of life had a common ancestor. Scientists came to believe that over long periods of time molecules had turned into a man. Although they admitted that there were gaps in this "evolutionary tree," they believed that these gaps would be filled as scientific knowledge increased.

Instead, just the opposite has happened. As scientific knowledge has progressed, the obvious "missing links" (in-between steps as one type of plant or animal becomes another) in this hypothetical tree have multiplied enormously. Furthermore, the difficulties in "bridging" these gaps have become even more apparent. For example, in Darwin's day, all life was classified into two categories (or kingdoms): animals and plants. Today it has been necessary to divide life into at least five radically different kingdoms, only two of which are animals and plants. This does not even include viruses, which are complex and unique in their own way. In the 1800's the animal kingdom was divided into 4 animal phyla (basic body designs); today there are about 40. Yet all of these different kingdoms and phyla appear suddenly in the fossil record with no intermediate forms, exactly what one would expect to find according to the Genesis account.

In the Beginning, 7th ed., p. 18-19

The fool says in his heart, "there is no God."... -Psalm 53:1

August 21

Fossil Records

What happens when a fossil is found that does not fit the standard evolutionary time sequence? Evolutionists never throw out the theory of evolution, because to do so they would cease to be evolutionists. To an evolutionist, evolution is a fact. Any "out of place" fossil is either disputed or evolution is modified to absorb the find. An example of this is the appearance of fish with backbones (vertebrates).

Vertebrates were once the only major animal group that was not found at the lowest level of rock in which all other life forms suddenly appear (Cambrian rocks). These rocks are said to be 454 million years old by evolutionists. When fish with backbones were found above the Cambrian layer and "dated" at 420 million years, is was assumed that it had taken 125 million years for a fish without a backbone to "evolve" a backbone.

By the 1990's, fish with backbones had been found even closer to the Cambrian layer and "dated" at 530 million years. It is now taught that backbones developed rapidly or that they evolved during the Cambrian explosion of life. No matter what is found in the rock layers, it is fit into the "theory" of evolution; because evolution is actually a belief system that is readily modified, but never abandoned. Evolution is used to explain everything, regardless of how the evidence changes.

There is no such thing as an out of place fossil. Evolution is assumed to be a fact and any evidence is forced into a modified evolutionary sequence.

Creation ex Nihilo 22(3), p. 38-39 "Slow Fish in China" by Dr. Tas Walker

..."Teacher, rebuke your disciples!"  "I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out".  -Luke 19:39-40

September 17

Fossil Records

A fascinating set of humanlike footprints was found in mud that had turned to rock at Laetoli in the east African country of Tanzania. A team headed by Mary Leaky found a sequence of apparently modern human footprints, which were dated at 3.7 million years, long before humans should have evolved. Experts looking at the prints confirmed that these footprints were identical to those made by modern humans who habitually walk barefoot. National Geographic Magazine even featured these footprints on its monthly cover in April 1979. The footprints themselves looked like completely modern, barefoot human footprints. Yet they were found in rock strata where humans were not yet supposed to exist. So what did National Geographic feature on its cover? You guessed it, the picture of an apelike creature making the prints.

If human feet made any of these prints, then evolutionary chronology is drastically wrong. Rather than deal honestly with this possibility, the artists placed an apelike creature in the tracks. We need to let the facts direct our conclusions rather than let our bias blind us to the evidence.

In the Beginning, 7th ed., p. 30


How great is God-beyond our understanding! The number of his years is past finding out. -Job 36:26