Newsletter No. -------- Date--------------------- Topic
R-N-01_________ Jan 2004____Qualifications of Inspectors
R-N-02_________ Feb 2004____ Soil Creep
R-N-03_________ Mar 2004____ Deep Foundation system
R-N-04_________ Apr 2004____ Piers vs. Pilings/Specifications brick
R-N-05_________ May 2004____ Moisture Changes In Clay Soils....Can Create
R-N-06_________ Jun 2004_____ Soaker Hoses, Why & Where
R-N-07_________ Jul 2004______ How deep is enough-Active zone
R-N-08_________ Aug 2004____ Mudjacking - hazards of unsupported foundation
R-N-09_________Sept 2004_____ Moisture Barriers
R-N-I0_________ Oct 2004_____ What is a "French Drain"?
R-N-11_________ Nov 2004____ Trees, Forensic Rock wall, Freeze Board
R-N-12_________ Dec 2004____ Plumbing leaks

R-N-13_________ Jan 2005____ Indicators of movement, level vs. Flat
R-N-14_________ Feb 2005____ Deep foundations for brick walls & pilasters
R-N-15_________ Mar 2005____ Clothes Dryer ventilation
R-N-16_________ April 2005____ Plumbing system tests
R-N-17_________ May 2005____ Mudjack Vs Piers
R-N-18_________ June 2005____ Classification of foundation inspections
R-N-19_________ July 2005____ Construction Failures
R-N-20_________ Aug 2005____ Engineer Qualifications for Foundation Inspections
R-N-21_________ Sept 2005____ Concrete Slump Vs Shrinking
R-N-22_________ Oct 2005____ Design of F.F. & drainage
R-N-23_________ Nov 2005____ Lot Grading
R-N-24_________ Dec 2005____ What Is A Deep Foundation And When Is It Required?

R-N-25_________ Jan 2006___ Drainage, The Key to Stability
R-N-26_________ Feb 2006___ Foundation design for clay soils
R-N-27_________ Mar 2006___ What is a post tension slab and what else is there ?
R-N-28_________ Apr 2006 ____ How Long is Long?
R-N-29_________ May 2006____ How Much and Where Do I sign?
R-N-30_________ June 2006____
Why are piers deeper in the country than in the city?
R-N-31_________ July 2006____ When is a piling a pier?
R-N-32_________ Aug 2006____ What Determines The Depth of Active Zone?
R-N-33_________ Sep 2006____ Interior & Exterior Foundation Movement
R-N-34_________ Oct 2006____ Soils testing for building construction
R-N-35_________ Nov 2006____ What is Foundation Failure?
R-N-36_________ Dec 2006____ Part 2-What do we call foundation failure?

R-N-37_________ Jan 2008____ Contracts
R-N-38_________ Feb 2008____Level B Inspections
R-N-39_________ Mar 2008____Inspections of for Sale Properties

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