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Inspection Address: 1000 Angel Street, Golden Gate City, Texas (Next to Heaven) Date: inspection date

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At You Address in
Your City, Texas (Next to Heaven)

This Report was prepared to Evaluate the condition of the Foundation at the above address, and make recommendations for remedial action if deemed necessary. This evaluation is based upon an interview with the occupant, owner and client, regarding a history of the property and performance of the structure. A request made to the client for any documents regarding the foundation, such as construction drawings, geotechnical reports, previous testing and inspection reports, and previous repair information. Information provided was reviewed. Visual observations were made during a physical walk-through. Observation of factors influencing the performance of the foundation were noted. The inspection included visual examination of the foundation and exterior finish, the external and internal fit of door and window frames, internal finish and such other factors which may effect the foundation as determined in the progress of the inspection. This is defined as a Level "A" inspection.

This is to Certify that on the date above indicated, I personally inspected the building located at the referenced address and found the following:
1. The foundation is an integral reinforced concrete slab and grade-beam.
2. Observation of the interior and exterior indicate long-term deflection of the foundation having occurred.

The following sketch is the result of a differential elevation survey.  The survey was undertaken to ascertain the flatness and levelness of the building.  This information is valuable only if compared with a similar survey taken at an earlier or later date.  The integrety of the foundation, or any movement which the foundation has undergone, cannot be determined from this information alone.  The original slab may, or may not, have been constructed flat or level.  This information cannot be used to determine whether a slab has settled or heaved.

Sketch of structure


Stabilization and releveling of a portion of the perimeter grade beam by means of underpinning piers is recommended.
Any open cracks in exterior brick should be cleaned before leveling. Pointing of brick grout is not included in the work to be done. Additional drainage should be provided, if shown on the attached drawing. If trees or other plants are shown “to be removed” this shall also be accomplished as part of the required work. All Piers shall be poured the same day their holes are drilled. This work should be accomplished by an experienced firm, in accordance with the attached Specifications. This report & specifications are required to be on the job site during at all times the progress of work. The foreman or work supervisor shall be fluent in English and shall be on site during all inspections by the Engineer. This stabilization procedure should provide satisfactory service for the area stabilized, with proper maintenance.

Pilings of any kind are not acceptable. This includes steel, concrete and wood.
Both a 18" diameter and 12" diameter belled pier are specified. Either is acceptable.

This report is prepared from a visual inspection and applies only to the areas indicated to be stabilized and the remarks herein. Areas which are not shown to be stabilized may require stabilization in the future. It is not to be construed as any kind of guarantee or warrantee, as soils conditions and unforeseen conditions, such as plumbing leaks, changes in soil characteristics, improper maintenance, etc. may affect the structural behavior of any foundation.

Certification of the work is required to close the city required permit. The Certifying Engineer may be required to inspect the pier installation as well as the completed work. The Contractor shall notify the Engineer prior to beginning any work on this project.

Sketch of Structure showing recommended pier locations
See attached specifications for pier details.


----------Install Structural Pier                                                           Xs ----------I Install Stabilizing Pier

Foundation Inspection Report and Pier Specification are required
to be attached to this Sketch To Validate this report for permits

Note that all original reports have Engineer's Seal printed in red and embossed seal.


The Contractor shall install concrete piers along the foundation grade beam in accordance with the locations shown on the attached sketch. The minimum depth of the piers below the existing perimeter grade beam shall be nine feet (9') or to the depth shown on the attached sketch, unless a suitable rock bearing stratum is encountered prior to that depth. He shall pour monolithic concrete piers and caps as shown below, as required for bearing and jacking. Any cuts made in existing pavement shall be made with a concrete saw, as required to leave a neat finish line for patching.
Concrete for piers shall have a minimum compressive strength of 3,000 psi at 28 days, with a minimum compressive strength of 2,500 psi at the time of loading. Pier excavation shall be free of any loose debris and water at the time of placing the concrete. Reinforcing steel shall be grade 40.
The Contractor shall transfer the grade beam loads to the piers' system and re-level the floor using multiple hydraulic jacks, shimming as required with high strength Precast concrete structural blocks and steel shims. Upon completion of the leveling procedure, the Contractor shall regrade the area adjacent to the structure as required to provide positive drainage away from the foundation. No performance warranty is expressed or implied through the use of this rehabillitaion procedure.

at all original reports have Engineer's Seal printed in red and embossed seal.


The specification for the 12" diameter pier is the same as the specification for the 18" diameter pier for all materials and methods. The contractor shall use approved centralizers to support the cage fully in the center of the pier hole.